Can I write about products which are not included on Ciao?

No, you can only write reviews about products that are listed in the Ciao product categories. However, should you wish to review a product that is not in the list, you can always propose that it be added to the catalogue. In each category, underneath the product selection, you will find a link “Product not found?” We will process your request as soon as possible, though we cannot guarantee that we will introduce the product that you suggest into the product catalogue. You can also include a picture of the recommended product along with your proposal. This should be sent as a JPEG file, 200 x 200 pixels large. The file size should not exceed 10KB.

You can write anything about your experiences, vacations, products, cats, cars, books and anything. You just need to put under the existed categories in Ciao. Minimum is 120 words. If I can, so you can you!

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